After a month of stagnation on my Tower Defense game, I implemented some cool stuff yesterday and today. Mainly a makeshift main menu and flashy animated text messages popping up.

Just a moment ago I started a project for it. Pretty neat! I appreciate that Sourceforge supports bazaar version control, and I do not yet know if I will discontinue the launchpad branch or keep it updated. Keeping it updated would be no big deal if I only bothered to write a proper ‘bzr push’ alias for both Sourceforge and Launchpad.

There is a source release of version 0.4 available. Binary releases for Windows will pop up soon (I am pretty sure I know how to do it properly!)[Update: Windows version available]. Please note that the game is not balanced at all and not near complete. Consider it alpha-stage.  However, it allows for an initial impression and I would be grateful for any feedback! A more rounded-up release is planned for next week