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Developing a game.

Yet again, it’s been a while since I wrote here. I apologize for being so irregular – but at least I’m considerbly better at regular microblogging. Social Media rocks!

So, my current software project is a Tower Defense-game. It’s actually my project for the Gymnaisum (Swedish) course PA1201 (the purpose of which is to do a major project). The scope of the course is 100 hours of dedicated school-time (ending in spring), so this is a serious project.  I have already spent countless of hours on it, and the current version can be found here (revision 35 at the time of writing).

I’d love all sorts of feedback. Unfortunately, it’s slightly messy to get it to work right now. First off you need the version control system Bazaar to fetch the game from launchpad (by typing ”bzr branch lp:~baxemyr/+junk/towerdefense” in a command line), and then you need python and pygame installed to play the game.


Besides, it is barely worth the trouble right now due to the small amount of content — even though the game itself is shaping upnicely! Nonetheless, feedback is warmly appreciated (user interface design, feature requests and anything else you can think of)!

I’m planning for a proper demo release later this year, to maximize feedback reception before it’s too late. Hopefully with compiled windows executables etc so that you won’t need to install anything!

Hello world!

#include <iostream>

int main ()
  std::cout << "Hello World!, and welcome to my blog.:)";
  return 0;