You may have noticed that there’s been some time since I last posted, but I want to tell you that I have finally found the hardware problem that’s been plaguing me for 15 months; the original two RAM in this system were faulty. God,  I do wish I had tried properly without them when I bought another two memory sticks a year ago. But at the time it felt disproportionally bothersome simply  because the crashes caused were very irregular  – sometimes a whole week or more could pass between them, and at it’s worst four crashes within an hour.  Or, well – they were far more consistent in Linux – either froze or rebooted within a few minutes of logging in (same issue in both Gnome and KDE) – a thorn in my side I should have turned into an advantage long ago.

Now when I have disposed of the accursed, faulty memory sticks I can finally use Linux! 🙂 (and boot Vista again for the first time in many months) This is in fact posted from Kubuntu, and I have already fallen in love in this community-driven environment. I can feel that I have stepped beyond the point of no return; I will never again use Windows on my machine except for playing a game or so every odd week.